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Stuck? How to overcome stagnation in guitar

Throughout our lives as guitarists, we have times when everything flows, and our learning curve is huge, and other times when you do not know well how to continue progressing on the guitar and how to face it. You feel that you are not progressing, that you are always playing the same thing and this translates into frustration and worst of all, lack of fun with the guitar.

We have all gone through these phases, and there is a solution, but as always everything depends on you. We propose a series of ideas so that you can get out of that stagnation, take up the guitar again with desire and never get stuck again.

Try new styles

Although you may not be attracted to certain guitar styles, it is highly recommended to learn new techniques from different guitar styles, different rhythms, new challenges because they always have something good to contribute. The more you learn about all the possible styles, the better guitarist you will be, and you will never be bored again.

Let's say that you only play rock; well, if you study concepts of jazz, country, blues, new scales on guitar or guitar modes, all this knowledge will only help you grow as a musician, you just have to take it back to your field.

You will realize that there are similar concepts in all these musical genres.

Listen to new bands and new guitarists

Listen to everything; there is an infinity of quality music in all possible styles. YouTube is a mine for finding new bands or even bands from 60 years ago that you've never heard of, you discover them today and get hooked instantly. Check out the sound of the guitars, the production and open your ear to new sounds.

Use YouTube and discover new guitarists, they might explain their techniques and secrets, and you'll find that solution you're looking for.

Listen to phrases and songs

The tablatures are very good, but from time to time, you have to force yourself to work the ear. Take out things by ear that you like: fragments, licks, some solo, etc. The more you do it, the better; it will be not only for your ear, but also for learning guitar movements, the reason for the choice of notes, and for the pleasure of enjoyment, once you do it there is nothing more satisfying than saying, "I took it out by myself without the help of anyone!” And not only can they be guitar phrases: you can also take out bass lines, piano, voices, etc.

Tip: YouTube has the option to halve the speed of any video while respecting the key.

Study your Favorite Guitarists

With the help of tablatures and your ear, study your favorite guitarists. Why? Because they inspire you and only you know what they transmit to you. With the amount of material on websites, programs like Guitar Pro, YouTube tutorials, today you have everything at your disposal to study the best.

Once you've learned it, review it from time to time, and adapt it to your style.

Record yourself playing

Make a video recording to see the position of your hands and your technique. You can use a camera, webcam, or cell phone to record and detect errors, and be able to correct them.

Improvise more

When you open yourself to new musical genres, learn new techniques, and study your favorite guitarists, you have a good knowledge to improvise better and not be playing the same thing over and over again. Often improvise calmly and put into practice everything you have learned with backing tracks of all kinds, from free ones, favorite songs, to creating your own loops or backing tracks.

Write your own songs

In addition to all the above, you have to give free rein to your creativity and create your own songs. John Mayer says: "You can't imagine how important it is to write bad songs. There are many people who don't want to finish their songs because they think they are not good enough, so write them! I want you to write the worst songs you can imagine because you won't write bad songs. You think they are bad because you don't have to finish them. That's what I think. And how do you know? Because you haven't finished!"

Receiving personal lessons from good teachers is a good idea to improve and continue learning interesting things, to solve doubts, to show you different approaches that show you the way and go up step by step to where you want to go as a guitarist or musician.

Here in, you’ll find the best way to learn guitar online!

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