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If you face any problem, please check this page first

1. The tracks in lessons do not seems to work. What should I do?

We recommend using Chrome fore better experience.

It might be the internet connection problem. If you see it's loading then please wait until it shows the track length in minutes, seconds

Loading backing track

Fully loaded backing track

Your computer might run heavy programs in background. Try to close as many running programs as possible and try again.

If the problem still persist, feel free to contact us.

2. How can I send video for feedback?

If you have bought the PML feedback service, you can send us the video via email

  • you can upload to youtube, set privacy to unlisted and send us the link
  • Or you can use services like google drive, dropbox or wetransfer
  • Or email us directly if it is possible

3. I bought a bundle but I don't see any course in My Courses

It takes up to a day to process orders that contains bundle. Stay tune and check your email. You should be able to access the courses within 24 hours.