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Whole tone bundle

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Whole tone bundle

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Build knowledge or fill in gaps with simple chord and scale exercises. Use melodic development techniques so you can Pimp YOUR Licks!!

What are included

  • Audio example and exercises for chord and scale practicing
  • Simple and fun musical groove context
  • Context, chord scale theory, mode imprinting, scale and chord exercise explanation
  • downloadable scale and chord diagrams
  • Access on both mobile and desktop

What you will learn

  • Comfortable scale fingerings
  • "Bread and butter" chords usable in most music contexts
  • Mode imprinting - make this mode your friend!!! Finding a personal emotional connection to the scale
  • How to Pimp YOUR Licks!!!
  • Start to develop your own style with simple melodic development techniques


  • Absolutely no experience needed
  • An open mind to trying new ways to unlock your creative potential